50th Anniversary International Summer School-Conference "Advanced problems in mechanics"
June 20-24, 2022
St. Petersburg, Russia
16 July 2022
Paper Submission Dedline
6 June 2022
Abstract Submission Deadline
20 June 2022
Deadline for registration fee

50th Anniversary International Summer School-Conference “Advanced problems of mechanics”

The conference “Advanced problems in mechanics” contributes to the solution of modern theoretical and applied problems of mechanics, and its main goal is to create conditions for the exchange of information between specialists from different countries of the world, discussion of new ideas, non-standard problems and questions of applying the results of theoretical research in practice. The topics of the conference cover not only most areas of mechanics, but also interdisciplinary issues, and the main attention is paid to problems on the border of mechanics with other areas of science.

Over the decades of its existence, the conference has become a powerful tool for the development of the industry and international cooperation of mechanical scientists: hundreds of outstanding scientists from all over the world take part in the event, many problems of mechanics are solved, dozens of creative teams are created that conduct joint research and publish scientific articles. In 2022, the conference “Advanced problems of mechanics” will be held for the 50th time. And we are glad to announce that the anniversary conference will be held in person!

The organizers of the 50th International Summer School-Conference “Advanced Problems of Mechanics” are Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The event is held under the patronage of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


About St.Petersburg

Saint Peterburg – a unique treasure-house of world culture, architecture and history is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland at the mouth of the Neva River. Situated at the intersection of sea, river and overland routes, St Petersburg is Russia’s “Gateway to Europe”. St Petersburg is the 2nd largest Russian megapolis with 4,8 million people living here. It is the largest northern city on the planet.

Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 by the first and the most famous Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, and for 214 years it had been the capital of the Russian Empire. All 13 Russian Emperors of the Romanov dynasty are now buried in the burial-vault of the Peter-and-Paul Fortress.

Saint Petersburg was built as an architectural state of the art city by famous European architects, especially Italian and French, who built on the picturesque banks of the Neva River a brilliant constellation of palaces, cathedrals, parks and splendid buildings in baroque, rococo, and classical styles.

In the beginning of the XX century Saint Peterburg became the arena of the turbulent political upheavals. In October 1917 a blank shot fired from the famous cruiser “Aurora” signalled the storming of the Winter Palace and the beginning of the Bolshevik October revolution.

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