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How can I become a participant?

Registration for the APM Conference is provided on-line. 
You have to go to the “Online registration” page. Press the button “Registration” and fill in all the necessary on-line forms. Personal information, received from you in the process of Conference registration will be not given to the third person without your agreement and will be used only for effective organization of your participation in the Conference. 

After receiving your application we will immediately send you the confirmation letter with your login and password. 

How to get to my registration page?

After receiving the confirmation letter with your login and password you go back to the “Online registration” page and fill in login/password in the fields in section “For registered users”. 

In case you fail with on-line registration or have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact Monomax Service Agency by e-mail:

What to do if you forgot your login/password?

If your personal login/password was lost, you should go back to the “Online registration” page and push the button “Login/password reminder”. On the next page you should fill in the e-mail that you indicated during the registration. 
We will send your login/password to this e-mail.

How can I pay?

All payments (hotel accommodation, visa support or additional services) can be done separately. To return to the personal payment page to fulfill the rest of payment, the participant should use his login and password and enter “Orders and payments”
We regret but we do not accept private and company checks or Euro cheques. 
Step 1: Go to the section “Orders and payments” at your Personal area. Choose the services that you want to pay for at the moment. 
Step 2: Select a type of payment. 
Step 3: Fill in your credit card information or print a receipt (a bill). Pay the receipt.

Types of payment

The payments can be done in three different ways: 
1. Payment via Credit card 
2. Payment by Bank transfer 
3. Internet payment 
More payment information you can find on this site in the section Payment information”

How can I get financial documents (receipts, invoice)?

You can get the original invoice at the check-in desk at the Conference. Feel free to contact the Secretariat for any questions. We also can send you the documents by regular mail.

How to know that my payment is accepted?

We will immediately send you the confirmation that your payment is accepted by e-mail after we receive the payment.

How can book a hotel room or other additional services?

Hotel accommodation, individual transport services, cultural program, visa support can be ordered on the personal page of the participant in the same way as the registration fee. You need to select the appropriate option, method of payment, print and pay the bill.

How can I obtain a visa?

Monomax PCO provides participants with the tourist visa support papers (invitation and hotel voucher). Monomax PCO has reference number of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
Visa support documents are issued based on a personal information submitted by each participant during the registration on this web site (“Visa Support section”) or on your e-mail request sent to: Monomax PCO provides visa support papers ONLY after receiving hotel accommodation pre-payment or the hotel confirmation booked on your own! 
As a rule we provide participants with documents for obtaining tourist visa, but if for any reason you need business visa support letter for your trip please note that it takes at least one month and a half to obtain it. 
You can find more information about obtaining a visa, all the requirements, prices and business visa form on “Visa support” page. (??) 

How can I cancel my registration in the Conference?

If the participant would like to cancel his attendance at the APM 2020 Conference the notification letter together with the request for the reimbursement of the registration fee should be send to the Conference Secretariat in written form only by e-mail:


Where is the Conference held and how can I get there?

You can find all the information about the Conference venue here. The information about how to get to the Venue is available here

What is the procedure of registration at the Conference?

After you arrive to the venue please come to the registration desk to get a badge that you should wear at the Conference for it serves as your pass to the Conference events. 
When registered, you get the Participant’s bag that includes a Program of the events, a note-book, a pen and information materials.

How can I get the Conference schedule?

You can find more detailed information about the schedule on the Conference website in the section “Scientific Program”.

Where I can get more information and help?

For more detailed information you may contact secretariat. 
If you have any questions about the on-line registration and services booking you can visit the page “Contacts” on the website where the list of our personnel in charge including their positions and full contacts is available.

If you have any questions about the Program and Congress schedule please contact the Organizing Committee: