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The meeting will be held in Repino, a suburb of St. Petersburg, where one of the greatest Russian painters Ilya Repin had his summer studio and drew his inspiration. Repino is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, approximately 40 km from the city of St. Petersburg, and it can be reached from the city by bus or train:


It is planned to hold the conference on the base of the hotel "Zarya". We will try to arrange reduced costs for all participants of the congress, i.e. approximately $15 for a bed in a double-bed room and from $20 to $25 for a single room per day, three meals included. Normal prices are 1.5-2 times higher. If you send us before 15th April exact information about dates of your stay in the congress hotel and the kind of room that you prefer, we will have more possibility to arrange the cheap accommodation for you.

The address of the congress hotel is
"Zarya", Repino, Primorskoe shosse, 423.
The hotel is situated in 15-20 minutes by feet from Repino railway station, and exactly near the stop of bus N 411. However this bus does not go often (the timetable for this summer is not determined yet.)

Perhaps you would like to stay some days in the city of St. Petersburg. We can recommend you an "academic" hotel complex "Nauka", which gives reduced prices for persons invited by Russian Academy of Sciences. For the time being the price of a single room is less than $10 per day, and the price of a bed in a double-bed room is approx. $7 per day. The prices probably will not change a lot. The conditions are appropriate. This hotel is situated in 5-10 minutes by feet from metro station "Udelnaya", which is approximately in 20 minutes by metro from Nevsky prospect and approximately 45 minutes by electrical train from Repino railway station.
The address of hotel "Nauka" is:
Engels prospect, 65

Please if your prefer to live in "Nauka" hotel, could you inform us about exact days of your stay there. We need this information at least in a month in advance before your coming to make a reservation.

If you prefer another variant of accommodation, we can also help you and reserve a hotel by your choice. However the price in good hotels ("St.Peterburg", "Europe") is approximately $200-$300 per day.

Travel information

If you arrive by plane to the international aeroport Pulkovo-2, you can get the bus N 13 and ask for the stop "Metro station Moskovskaya". If you arrive, for example, via Moscow to aeroport Pulkovo-1, you can get bus 39 to reach the same stop. By metro you can reach Finland railway station or Udelnaya railway station (direct branch) if you wish to go to Repino or to "Nauka" hotel. Metro stations at the centre of the city are the following: Nevsky prospect (Gostiniy Dvor), Ploschad Vosstaniya, Ploschad Alexandra Nevskogo, Vasileostrovskaya, Gorkovskaya, Sportivnaya, Chernishevskaya, Petrogradskaya.

If you don't know Russian or arrive late to the aeroport please give us exact information about your flight.

Excursion offers

If you prefer to look St. Petersburg or Peterhoff with a help of a guide, we can offer you the following excursions (car and walk). Below the TOTAL PRICE of excursion FOR A GROUP is given, maximal number of tourists in the group - 3 persons. The price of a travel Repino-city-Repino or Repino-Peterhoff-Repino by car is included. It is also possible to organize excursions beginning at Nevsky prospect. In this case the total price reduction $10 will be given for excursions in the city and Hermitage. The road Repino-city-Repino by car takes 2-2.5 hours, road Repino-Peterhoff-Repino takes 3.5 hours.

Please if you would like to accept any of this offers, let us know as soon as possible before the conference (kind of excursion, preferable dates and time): We will form the groups and arrange the details. The Hermitage is closed on Monday (5th June).