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Visa Information

Citizens of most of foreign countries need visa to come to Russia. You will have to obtain your visa in a Russian consulate on the base of official invitation issued by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by request of Russian Academy of Sciences. We will prepare for you this invitation. To make a request for the invitation, we must provide to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs a certain form with information about you, and the copies of page(s) of your passport with your name, photo, passport number and passport expiration date.

If you need a visa, please fill the following visa application form and send it to us by e-mail:
Please send the copies of passport pages mentioned above to the Organizing Committee of APM 2004. You may send them:

If you plan to come with accompanying person(s), please do likewise with their passports and submit us a separate visa application form for each accompanying person: fill in the same fields for everyone (do not omit affiliation, position, address and fax of the institution for employed and for students or pupils).

Deadline for submission of visa application forms and copies of passport pages: February 1, 2004

Unfortunately, the procedure of preparing the invitation is bureaucratic and takes some weeks. Please note that we cannot influence the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor Russian consulates in foreign countries and accelerate the bureaucratic process. (In some cases the Ministry of Foreign Affairs agrees to make the invitation urgently for the additional fee $22, which is not covered by the conference fee, but we can not guarantee even this possibility, and we advice you not to take the risk and to save these money following the deadline.) A simple letter from our institute will not be considered at the consulate. When you receive the official invitation, it will also take some time to obtain the visa in the consulate. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask you to submit us visa application forms and copies of your passport pages at your earliest convenience, and not later than on February 1st. Please note that we cannot start the procedure until we receive all the data requested and a copy of your passport page(s).

Important: Please, check that your medical insurance is valid in Russia.

You may find at list of Russian consulates with their coordinates but please do check it since consulates move. Please contact the consulate where you will pick up your visa and ask them if a fax copy of official invitation is sufficient to obtain a visa. We kindly ask you to answer this question in the visa application form. In some Russian consulates (e.g. in The Netherlands, Italy, China, Israel and other countries) you will have to bring with you the original invitation. Please contact the consulate directly if you have any questions concerning the rules of obtaining the visa (e.g. if you must come personally to the consulate to pick up your visa, what are the terms of visa issuing etc.), since the rules vary from one consulate to another and we cannot provide you the exact information on this subject.

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