Russia, St. Petersburg (Repino)       June 25 — July 1, 2006

APM 2006 Advanced Problems in Mechanics

  International Summer School-Conference
APM 2006 Book of Abstracts [pdf, 1267 kB].

Scientific Programme of APM2006 [pdf, 385 kB].

List of Posters [pdf, 26.2 kB].

General Information

The International Summer School — Conference “Advanced Problems in Mechanics—2006” is organized by the Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPME RAS) under the patronage of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main purpose of the meeting is to gather specialists from different branches of mechanics to provide a platform for cross-fertilisation of ideas.

APM 2006 is devoted to the memory of Professor Pavel A. Zhilin, a brilliant Russian scientist, and a permanent member of the APM Scientific Committee. His outstanding investigations in various fields of mechanics were regularly presented at APM. He has left a large scientific legacy and influenced many leading scientists.

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